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  Joe and Lisa Cannon Wedding

Thank you so much for your wonderful music. We saw a side of our daughter we have never seen before. We had no idea she would be so outgoing and involved. You helped to make a very special day turn out perfect.

Thank you so and we do appreciate you being patient on getting your money.

Sharon LePage
(Mother of the Bride)
You will be recommended to our friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wedding

If you are planning a wedding as I did not long ago, you are probably experiencing all kinds of frustration, stress, and problems dealing with vendors of all kinds. After all this, you want your reception to be perfect and for everyone to have a good time. A big part of that for us was making sure our entertainment kept everyone happy and dancing if they so chose.

At our wedding reception, Shane Dauberger of Perfection DJs helped us make our evening a great success. Shane is really easy to work with and will literally play whatever you want. I was probably not the easiest customer Shane has ever had with several special requests of songs to play and songs not to play. He found every special request I had and gave us some good suggestions of his own. He took requests from our guests and really kept everything going throughout the whole evening and had no problem letting our wedding party make as many toasts with his microphone as they wanted.

Shane did a great job, and I highly recommend him for a wedding reception or any special occasion where the music makes a difference.

Mitzi Thomas

Sweet 16 Birthday Party


We are still talking about the great work you did at Britni's birthday party. You were awesome!

I've given out your cards to our PTSA here at Schilling Farms, Student Council president, and several individuals. Also, I have recommended you for our Valentine's dance here at SFMS (Shilling Farms Middle School). Again, thank you for a job well done.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Lillie Norman

Holiday Party for Freight Matrix


Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a good job on the DJ. You really made an impression- YOU GO BOY. EVERYONE was very complimentary!!!!

Pam Berry

Holiday Party for technologies

Thanks to you for helping me on the party. Your DJ was a hit with everyone. I appreciate that you worked with him to line up the "village people", etc. That was the best!

Dianne Harwell

Ben and Lesley Igou Wedding


Larry and I just wanted to thank again for all you did to make the music for the wedding perfect. I know Lesley and Ben loved it all...I wish you nothing but success in your profession! You did a wonderful job for us! Good luck with your "little one" he's a real sweetie!

Thanks again for everything!

Larry and Carol Birch
(Father and Mother of the Bride)


You are, by far, the best DJ we have ever seen.

Thank you so much for all your hardwork, friendliness and comedic charm. We'll never forget the YMCA especially.

Ed and Beth Dixon

Shane, Thank you so much for providing your service as DJ at our wedding. You did a great job!

We are so pleased with how everything turned out at the wedding. We really appreciate the CD you made us as well.

Kristin and Brett Tucker


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