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  We've been entertaining Memphis for over 25 years!

  Our business has grown over the years as a direct result of referrals from extremely satisfied customers.

  Rest assured we will guard our stellar reputation, and yours, by handling your special event with the utmost care and professionalism.

  Perfection DJs is a professional entertainment service, not some weekend hobby of ours. While it is a serious business run by adults, we actually love what we do, and it shows in our energy, professional attitude, and attention to detail.


Your event is special, and you deserve the best!

Perfection DJs!


Shane Dauberger, Owner

Shane Dauberger, Owner    E-Mail Shane

I am originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area and lived there for the first 18 years of my life. My career as a mobile DJ and entertainer began at the bright young age of 16 when I wanted to be the scratch master DJ on MTV and work in local nightclubs. I always had family members in bands in the Pittsburgh area, so music was in my blood. With no musical talent of my own to boast of, I began to purchase professional grade sound equipment to become a DJ. A relative who played in a band mentioned that I should consider becoming a mobile DJ because I had the equipment and personality. I pondered the idea, met a few other local DJs, found a partner to work with, and off we went.

It all started so innocently as we began to DJ high school dances for school groups as fundraisers. As word began to spread, people from the area and extended family members asked us to DJ other types of events such as: team parties, holiday events, and wedding receptions...that's how Perfection DJs was born.

In 1989, I sadly/excitedly bought out my partner and relocated to Memphis, Tennessee to be with my family. I enrolled in college at Memphis State University. I put the business aside for about 6 months so I could acclimate myself to both the Memphis and college way of life. I was working my way through school at a few local restaurants, but the DJ bug kept gnawing at me. After a few shows, I slowly began to establish my name as a single operator mobile DJ in Memphis. Just as in Pittsburgh, demand for my services increased through referrals from many satisfied clients. I graduated from the University of Memphis in December 1994 with a degree in Logistics/Transportation and a minor in Business Management.

In 1999, the dramatically increased demand for my DJ services convinced me that I needed another DJ. I specifically wanted someone with pro audio knowledge, but no real DJ experience. This allowed me to train a qualified person in the Perfection DJs way, thus ensuring every client receives consistent, quality service no matter which DJ performs at their event.

Since 1999, we've added other DJs to our staff. Perfection DJs can now support up to 4 simultaneous events.


Contact Perfection DJs by phone: (901) 861-7126

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